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On behalf of the Scientific Committee of ICFTE 2022, we invite you to the fifth round of the elearning conference which will take place from 25th to 27th February 2022 at Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Netherlands. We look forward to making this not only a learning opportunity but also a destination where you can build new academic networks and connections. In this three-day e learning conference, top experts, and academicians will accompany you to share research findings, pose questions, and generate new ideas in the various areas of e-learning, teaching, eLearning technologies, and best practices in eLearning. So stay tuned, check the e-Learning conference website and save the date now!

Who Should Attend?

Our e learning conference is designed for members of the academia and non-profit, public, and private sector members who are interested in the latest research and academic developments in the field of education.

Be the Best Presenter

Be the Best Presenter and Best Student in an elearn conference.
Get rewards for your commitment, knowledge and be a partner to revolutionize the research  by building the arch of knowledge.

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Keynote Speaker

Dr. Ray Archee

School of Humanities and Communication Arts, Western Sydney University, Australia

Ray Archee holds a PhD in Mediated Communication, and MA in Psychology. He is an academic at Western Sydney University, Australia and specialises in media, technology and higher education research. From 1996, Ray was one of the first instructors in Australia to use the Internet for undergraduate teaching, running his own webserver and creating his own web pages for his students. Although a pioneer of blended teaching, Ray believes that web pages and videoconferencing are never a replacement for traditional classrooms, unless totally necessary. In his spare time, Ray is a luthier of hand-made classical, acoustic and archtop guitars.

Keynote Presentation Title: The Future of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education in the Coronavirus Era

What you can expect from this e-Learning conference

Call For Papers

The best elearning conferences, are the premier forum for scientists, researchers, and students to discuss and exchange their new ideas, novel results, work in progress, and experience on all aspects of Teaching & Education.
Topics of particular interest include, but are not limited to:

Education, Learning, Teaching, e-Learning, English Language Teaching (ELT) and Foreign Language Teaching (FLT).


Please follow the best elearning conferences guidelines, style checklist, and paper template, and submit it through the online submission system.

Venue: Erasmus University Rotterdam

We provide conference visa support to the participants who require visa applications to attend the event. Please read the information below carefully and proceed with the letter of invitation request, if necessary.

City Tour is free of charge for all participant

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